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Protecting user funds is a top priority, and Wido takes several steps to ensure users' funds are safe.

Guaranteed minimum token

For each route, Wido Route Finder calculates the minimum tokens the user will receive, given the slippage tolerance of the user. Wido Router smart contract respects the minimum tokens the user should receive. The transaction is reverted if it cannot guarantee the minimum number of tokens. This protects user transactions from MEV attacks.

Cross-Chain transaction

The most common problems with cross-chain transactions are that the source chain transaction fails, the destination transaction fails, or both transactions fail.
If the source transaction fails, nothing will happen, and the user's funds will remain untouched.
If the destination chain transaction fails, Wido smart contract ensures that the user gets the bridged token into their wallet on the destination chain.
Wido does not hold custody of user tokens at any time. Users always keep 100% control of their funds.

Malicious Steps

To scale and enable any-to-any token routes, we encourage others to add steps. That brings new challenges. Here we explain how we solve them.
We run extensive simulations that detect malicious steps. Imagine an attacker who wants to add a Step that steals 10% of users' funds. Our algorithm will reject such a Step as it will see routes with better conversion rates are available.
Today we also go manually through the code to ensure it is not a malicious contract. Soon we want to open it up so that the community can perform moderation to ensure the best interests of users and Wido.

Approved Addresses

Wido Router contracts only interact with approved contracts. Once a Step is added to Wido, we run a few checks before approving it.
  1. 1.
    Automated tests are run to ensure that the new Step can perform the desired Token A to Token B swap.
  2. 2.
    The Step is compared with other Steps providing Token A to Token B swap to ensure that it can offer competitive rates.
  3. 3.
    A group of Solidity engineers review the contract and the Step to ensure that it is not malicious.
Once the above checks pass, the Step is approved and added to the Steps database.
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