Wido Docs
Offer deposits
Apps that list web3 protocols will use Wido to enable deposits into those protocols, unlocking new revenue streams.
dApps listing vaults (like Multifarm or Coindix) do not offer the ability to deposit into those vaults today.
The reason is technical: it is not trivial to build an infrastructure that would enable deposits into vaults across protocols and chains. Every vault and token is different and requires a custom routing mechanism. Building such deposit infrastructure requires Solidity expertise, audits and time. We know this as we have been there. :)​
Wido enables any dApp to offer direct deposits into any chain or vault. Try a demo here.
By adding the ability to deposit, dApps will not only improve UX for their users but also get access to new revenue streams. Many protocols offer partnership programs. Every $ deposited into a protocol via a dApp means recurring revenue for that app paid by the protocol. Protocols keep paying until that $ is withdrawn.
Wido partnered with leading protocols so that the dApps don’t need to. By integrating Wido, dApps will get access to revenue for every $ that is deposited through them.
Moreover, Wido, by aggregating deposits from other dApps into protocols, will enable those dApps to capture more revenue than they could on their own. Take Yearn, for example. A dApp must contribute at least $1M to become eligible for the partnership revenue sharing. And the dApp needs to contribute above $1B to get the highest tier of 50% revenue share.
All dApps integrating Wido will route deposits via Wido smart contracts. Even if one dApp deposits just $0.5M into Yearn, it can get access to revenue if combined contributions from other dApps are $0.5M or more. The $0.5M will immediately make the dApp eligible for the highest tier if the combined deposits of other dApps are above $1B.
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