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Why is Wido unique?
Wido enables use cases known from web2 which were not possible in web3 until now.
  1. 1.
    Direct deposits into any protocol, multi-chain. Protocols will grow TVL by accepting deposits in any token or from any chain or rollup.
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    Cross-chain liquidity migrations. Liquidity can be moved across dApps and chains with a single click.
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    Payments with any token. Merchants specify what token they want to receive, e.g. USDC deposited into Yearn.Finance to generate yield. Users can pay with any token they hold, including tokenized deposits e.g. as aDAI (Aave Interest bearing DAI). Wido will take care of the conversion to Yearn USDC, even if the payment comes from a different chain or rollup.
Single-click actions are table stakes in web2. Web3 won’t go mainstream until we match that.
Why are existing solutions unable to support such use cases?
DEX aggregators offer any-to-any token swaps across chains but only work with tokens with deep liquidity. Suppose the transaction starts with a token deposited in a vault or ends with a token deposited in a vault, or a combination of both. In that case, such a transaction cannot be supported by DEX aggregators. The reason is that there are no liquidity pools available for vault tokens.
Zaps are another attempt to solve these use cases. But Zaps only work with a limited number of tokens and are not available for most smart contracts. This is because a new Zap smart contract needs to be created and deployed to support a deposit or withdrawal to a new vault contract. That means Solidity resources and money and time spent on audits. Zaps also do not work multi-chain.
Wido is the only solution for multi-chain any-to-any token transactions, including non-liquid tokens.
Wido is a unique solution with support for all liquid tokens, all chains, and non-liquid tokens. It is like a combination of DEX aggregators, bridge aggregators and Zaps on steroids.
Adding support for new tokens is a breeze and does not require Solidity, contract deployments and audits. Learn more here.
Wido is like a map for blockchains. It understands all smart contract addresses and can move digital value freely across protocols, bridges and DEXes with a single click.
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