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We make DeFi UX shine 💅🏻

Pivot alert: Wido has become Walnut. This docs as well as the Wido Zap API will be discontinued. Read full announcement.

At Wido, we build tools for EVM Wallets and DeFi apps to improve their UX. If you want us to build something, please reach out.

Wido Router

Wido Router enables any token swaps with a focus on non-liquid tokens like pools, farms or vaults. Wallets integrate Wido Router to expand the number of tokens their users can swap natively in the Wallet. DeFi apps integrate Wido Router to accept deposits in any token and grow deposit conversion.

Examples of transactions enabled by Wido Router

  • Deposit any token into any pool, farm or vault. Example: deposit USDC into the steCRV yVault vault by yearn.finance

  • Migrate liquidity between pools in a single transaction. Example: move liquidity from Uniswap v2 pool into Saddle.Finance

  • Migrate position from one vault to another in a single transaction. Example: migrate deposit from Beefy.Finance vault to Pickle.Finance vault.

With Wido Router, users don't need to do multiple transactions to achieve the intended action.

Powerful Data APIs

Wido comes with powerful APIs that simplify the integration of various DeFi protocols. Those include:

  • Pricing data for non-liquid tokens like pools, farms or vaults

  • Pool composition data

  • User balances of pool, farm and vault tokens

  • P&L data

  • Historical APY for vault or farm tokens of various DeFi protocols

Say Hi

Are you building a wallet or a DeFi protocol? We would love to chat to see if there are potential synergies or to make new DeFi friends! Feel free to meet us here.

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