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Pricing APIs are in development. We are currently looking for 10 builders looking to add Lending to their apps. Please reach out and help us build this feature according to your needs!​
Examples of what Pricing API will enable:
  • Detailed Pricing data for all tokens, non-liquid tokens like vaults, pools, or farms
  • Detailed data for vault and or pool tokens like protocol name, underlying tokens, token composition and more
  • P&L for user holdings across protocols and chains
  • 3+ months of historical APY for vault and farm tokens
  • And more...
Example of getting Pricing data for the USDT vault by yearn.finance.
wido.getPriceData("Ethereum", "USDT yVault")
// Result:
priceInUSD: "1.009872",
priceInETH: "0.0008082661693",
historicalPrices: [{}, ...]