Pivot alert: Wido has become Walnut. This docs as well as the Wido Zap API will be discontinued. Read full announcement.

Examples of what Pricing API will enable:

  • Detailed Pricing data for all tokens, non-liquid tokens like vaults, pools, or farms

  • Detailed data for vault and or pool tokens like protocol name, underlying tokens, token composition and more

  • P&L for user holdings across protocols and chains

  • 3+ months of historical APY for vault and farm tokens

  • And more...

Example of getting Pricing data for the USDT vault by yearn.finance.

wido.getPriceData("Ethereum", "USDT yVault")

// Result:
  priceInUSD: "1.009872",
  priceInETH: "0.0008082661693",
  historicalPrices: [{}, ...]

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