Request for custom Zaps

Follow this guide to Request Zap support for new LP tokens, Pools, Farms, Vaults, LSTs or any token really.

Pivot alert: Wido has become Walnut. This docs as well as the Wido Zap API will be discontinued. Read full announcement.

First, check this Token List API, which provides an up-to-date list of tokens currently supported by the Wido Zap Router. To put it differently: Wido Router can zap any token from the user into any token in the list returned by the aforementioned API.

If you need Zaps for tokens not present in the Token List API, this guide is for you.

Wido has built a powerful set of infrastructure and internal tools which allow us to build Zaps for new LP pools, Farms, Vaults, LSTs (or you name it) fast.

Contact us directly if you need to speed up this process. Mention "FAST ZAP NEEDED" in your message.

Process for getting custom Zaps

Step 1: You fill out the Request for New Zaps Form

Step 2: Wido buids Zaps; you get an ETA on delivery. Once done, the tokens get integrated in the Token List API.

Step 3: You can use Zap Widget or Zap SDK in your app, which now have zap support for the tokens you requested.

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