🤩Our story

Pivot alert: Wido has become Walnut. This docs as well as the Wido Zap API will be discontinued. Read full announcement.

Wido was born during the 2021 yield farming mania. It started as a dApp that allowed users to compare yield farms from various protocols across many chains. We wanted to let our users deposit into those protocols directly from the Wido dApp, using any token they wanted. We wanted it to work multi-chain with a single click.

While building the dApp, we realised how complex it is to enable deposits into any farms, with any token, across chains. We knew other dApps and wallets would need the same. So we pivoted and started building a deposit infrastructure that we offer in the form of an SDK. We are now solely focused on the SDK, and our original dApp serves as a showcase and can be seen here.

Wido won HackMoney 2021 and HackMoney 2022. It is developed with love by 3 DeFi degens—Roman, Kunal, and Daniel. We are backed by top angels and early-stage web3 investors.

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